Conversion of books to kindle format

If you are on the look out to publish your books online, it’s important to let you know that most sites, say Amazon, would suggest you have your book in Kindle format as it allows readers to read across mobile phones. Record has it that mobile phones are widely used all over the world than any other device. It is as a result of this that Kindle came into limelight to cogitate upon easy flow of information across mobile phones. If it were that I was zero staunch I’d be rather blatant in keeping a sealed lips of this issue but I realize I have so much responsibilities than to resort to that. 

If you’ve written a book and want to convert your book to kindle version then you are in the right place. 

You can get your book in Kindle format from us. Your book could only be ready within 48 hours starting from when you make the request.  This is so because of the careful attention that would be placed during conversion so as to enable the elimination of possible errors in the book. 

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Book cover design 

For a professional looking book cover design you have four steps to complete. Before then, let me take you down the memory lane underneath your grasp so you could get it done. We use various Art Gallery design tools just to give your book that perfect look that is waiting to intrigue readers interest in the market. We do this at a cheaper rate for both fiction and nonfiction books.

There are so much good looking designs out there but that is not a factor as to why your book wouldn’t get off the ground.

Book cover design costs less. To request your book design click here 


Publish your book in Amazon 

Publishing your book in Amazon is a good way to get your book off the ground. Amazon has proven to be just exactly that threshold you would need to get a float about how your book goes to the direction of your expectation. Recently, when we explored how useful this is and how it were that most persons don’t know how to go about it, we decided to make it merely easier for you.

We can help  publish your book for you. You can get your book in both kindle format and print on demand. However, this costs less. Remember, Amazon requires that your book meets their precepts for it to be accepted; that would mean that apparently we owe you the obligation to getting that fixed.

To publish your books on Amazon

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Book Editing

Book editing is an important phase that staves up a long time admirable image of your book for acceptance by readers.  As an inspired author, you are not to convict the editing stage because behind the scene that’s what gives readers the impression of your writing dexterity. Rather than work along  planes of blatant impossibility, I’d put in here that the reason as to why some write-up wouldn’t get off the ground but instead, lay fallow and never get the attention of readers is if it were that it was poorly written. And what do I mean by that? It’s better to have taken a painstaking effort, say onerous one, in giving your book what it takes to come out in a blue than to be too quickened in finishing without editing. The latter would proscribe your reputation. Why not take time out to give it your all. You can choose to edit your book or give it to someone who can, say a professional.

We can help edit your book; and charges are based on number of pages submitted.

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