Do It Now 

  • One of the things in your life that would stop you from stepping up, that would paralyse you and keep you from coming out is ‘Alabi’. Stop postponing the combat of this moment to some moment in your future. Listen, tomorrow has a way of drawing to you the invisible boundaries of this life when the contours of progress are not put under close surveillance. Life would be a whole lot better if you would merely choose to do it now.  Give it a shot. Don’t be afraid to fail. It only takes one moment to make a decision; one mement to change your situation; one moment to realize that excuses are cobwebs of progress that would bastardize your profile. Most people wish they had the opportunity to go back to a moment in their life not well lived in order not to soar in the horrendous now and now, but it’s a lost time. Why don’t you choose to get started in your career, in your relationship, in your business. Today is all you got. If you do it now you’ll celebrate later. If you do it now, some day, you’re going to look at a life well lived and smile. This is your moment, never settle but will at all costs.

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