What if you know that your mind is a catalyst for change? Even in our relationship, business and challenges we use our mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool that you have in your life. The problem with some of us is that we like fighting in the backyard. Guess what, the real fight is not going on in the backyard, the real fight is going on in the battlefield — that’s where the real fight is. And for those of you who like fighting in the backyard, this is a wake-up call to letting you know that real men don’t do their fight in the backyard — it’s in the battlefield. That’s what separates the men from the boys. The boys like fighting in the backyard because they are scared of the process, scared of the front line, scared of challenges. They are too afraid to fail. The boys never grow up, and where they do, they don’t become men — they become fake men. 

Don’t be fake. Don’t be afraid to fail. Get to the front line ’cause that’s where the real fight is.  You may get knocked down but you’re not knocked out. You may get uncomfortable when you face the knight, but you will defeat him. You may get challenged when you’re thrown to the wolves, but you will come out leading the pack. If you have a puzzle, first give it a shot in your mind; before you get their you’ve already finished the race. Why? Because the battlefield is your mind. If you would use your mind, it will deliver to you all the credentials needed to earn commercial value. If you would use your mind, there are so much inside.


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