Scary Story

Check the story out. 

Here is a version of the book:

She bowed her head in three seconds. She could hear the tussling, the creeping and the steps of an intruder. She looked up slowly but nothing happened–really nothing but a swing set. Grunting in pain, she saw something land beside her on the ground. There was a boy laying right next to her. His heart was ripped out of his chest, there were bruises all over his face and it looked like he was killed recently too ’cause blood was seeping down his nostril. 

Clara was fear stricken, her toes were curding in fear. And Jimmy, he was just shaking with his eyes wide open.

“Holy Crap!” Jimmy screamed. But again, he muffled, “Mom?” “Mm-hmm, yes? Jimmy.” replied Clara.

“The car!” Said Jimmy.

“Oh my Gods! Yes, yes. To the house!” Clara screamed. 

They blacked out a couple of times and screamed yet again. 

Well well well, seemed like they got away this time. They were running, running from ghosts who’d just claimed another victim. 

    They ran back to the house but the parked car was locked.

“Oh no,” said Clara, “not again.”

“What’s that?” Asked Jimmy. 

“The car key,” said Clara, “left it in the cot.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Jimmy, “I got the spare keys.”

    Ben scanned through the forest, he could see them. I don’t know how he does that but he could see ghosts from a distance.

 He listened. 

There were murmurings everywhere like a chicken with its head cut off. The weird thing kept coming, Ben could sense that. Catching a glimpse of what lies ahead, he screamed. “They’re coming, they’re coming!” 

     At once, Clara brought her rifles and opened the car door. “Hurry!” She said, “get in.” She fired short bursts into the forest. 

She yanked open the car door, leaping back with rifles pointing in case anyone came out. She got in, jabbed the door shut and turned the car on. 

      She knew there was danger up ahead, and every part of her brain said to turn and run the other way. Well, she tried to at least turn the car on, but the car kept yowling.

“Holy shit!” She thought she had lost it. She panicked and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

“Ben?” She cried out, “do something!”

By now she knows how well Ben uses preternatural power. However, what she didn’t know was ‘who Ben is.”

        All of a sudden, there was this old ugly creature–quite a bit like a phoenix. It was as if something had eaten one part of the eye but left the other to rot. This is incredible. This was the biggest ghost they’d seen unlike other fair sized beasts. His face was a mess. His steps made the car to shake. 

“Oh my Gods! We’re dead!” Cried Jimmy.

At once, Clara turned to Ben, looking back every three seconds, and said, “my love!”

The weird thing reared back on his hunches, shaking his ugly big head back and forth, barking at their vehicle…

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