Ghost Story

Dead Justice


 Dead Justice by u. C. Success

The story tells of a dead boy who came back to life through the dead. He disappeared and no one  knows what took him. The killers didn’t have to kill him since all they wanted was his blood but they shrunk his blood dry. Hence, shattered his body down in the forest of the dead where other bodies were lying rot. 

Well, he didn’t die as they supposed. The way he was thrown into the forest was in such away that his body hung on one of the dead bodies that were sprawled on the ground.

When the killers left, blood seeped through a dead man’s nose which pierced his lung as they sunk into his mouth and gave life to him.

      He was rescued by police officers headed by his Mom. He was spotted in the forest with blood stains tossed all over his body. His eyes were bloodshot. It was as if he’d been sucking blood from dead bodies in order to stay alive.



The series explores the apparition of dead people who were denied of justice, killed and thrown into the forest. Their bodies spent all winter curding up in the forest. No one gave them justice.

     Ben was shattered down into the forest were dead bodies were sprawled unjustly. He drank blood from one of the dead bodies and strange power got into him. When the rescue team came, they met him giving justice to the dead. How he does that, I do not know. But what I do know is that Clara was there when the small child was glowing.

They took him back home but after 10 years, Dead Justice prevailed.

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