Book Editing


Book editing is an important phase that staves up a long time admirable image of your book for acceptance by readers.  As an inspired author, you are not to convict the editing stage because behind the scene that’s what gives readers the impression of your writing dexterity. Rather than work along  planes of blatant impossibility, I’d put in here that the reason as to why some write-up wouldn’t get off the ground but instead, lay fallow and never get the attention of readers is if it were that it was poorly written. And what do I mean by that? It’s better to have taken a painstaking effort, say onerous one, in giving your book what it takes to come out in a blue than to be too quickened in finishing without editing. The latter would proscribe your reputation. Why not take time out to give it your all. You can choose to edit your book or give it to someone who can, say a professional.

Note: We are not liable for the violation of any copyright. Read our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to protect your book against being tempered with.

We can help edit your book; and charges are based on number of pages submitted with a font size of 12. You may choose to edit some chapter(s) or may choose to edit the entire book.

ON HOW TO APPLY Follow The steps BELOW:

  • Send your book to in MS word format with your email.

    Send a text message to :08109584306 stating your intention for such service, your number through which we could reach you like this: (1) Go ahead to edit my book (2) number: xxxxxxxxxxx

Once that message is received, we will send you the cost of editing your book, the payment method and bank to the number you provided us with in step two. Once you’ve made your payment, send a message to +2348109584306 in this format: Receipt no.: xxxxx; amount paid: ; name: xxxx

Once we receive that, we will verify your payment. If successful, you will receive a message in this format: your payment has been received; your book would be completed within 72 hours. Please be patient.

Where after the stated time, you didn’t get your book. Contact us +2348109584306


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