publish your books on Amazon

Publish your book in Amazon 

Publishing your book in Amazon is a good way to get your book off the ground. Amazon has proven to be just exactly that threshold you would need to get a float about how your book goes to the direction of your expectation. Recently, when we explored how useful this is and how it were that most persons don’t know how to go about it, we decided to make it merely easier for you.

We can help  publish your book for you. You can get your book in both kindle format and print on demand. However, this costs #5,000. Remember, Amazon requires that your book meets their precepts for it to be accepted; that would mean that apparently we owe you the obligation to getting that fixed.

Note: the charge covers converting and publishing your books on Amazon– this is to say that no further charge is placed on conversation and publishing.

To publish your books on Amazon follow the steps  below:

  • Send your request, including your number,  to
  • Once received, we will send you a message on how to process that. Thank You.


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