Book cover design

ÐBook cover design 

For a professional looking book cover design you have four steps to complete. Before then, let me take you down the memory lane underneath your grasp so you could get it done. We use various Art Gallery design tools just to give your book that perfect look that is waiting to intrigue readers interest in the market. We do this at a cheaper rate for both fiction and nonfiction books.

There are so much good looking designs out there but that is not a factor as to why your book wouldn’t get off the ground. We can help design your book cover for online publishing.

Book cover design costs LESS.

You can get your book cover sent to you for  less cost.  Your book could only be ready within 48 hours starting from when you made the request. For your book cover design, complete the following steps:

Send a message to 08109584306 in this format:

  • Request: Book cover
  •  Book Title: xxxx
  • Author Name: xxxx
  • Any of these–                    Email: xxx

or whatsapp no: xxx


Once your message is received, we will verify your request. Hence, we will reply you with a message saying: your request has been received. Once you get that message you’ll have to wait for the next promt message 




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